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Parineeti Serial Colors TV Wiki/Wikipedia/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips:

Parineetii is a show that will air on color tv that will begin on the 14th of February 2022.

Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming show Pariniti will replace Molkki.

Parineeti serial features Anchal Sahu along with Tanvi Dogra playing female lead as well as Ankur Verma plays the male character.

Parineeti Colors Tv Drama Serial
Parineeti Colors Tv Drama Serial

The plot of Pariniti serial will focus on two of the friends who are wed to the exact same person and the way in which the love triangle connects all three lives of the serial.

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Pariniti TV Serial Colors TV, Plot/Story

The storyline of the show Parineeti is set in a small town in Punjab which is known as Barnala.

Parineet Makkar, and Neeti Juneja are two of the greatest of friends that are the definition of “Two lives, but only one soul.”

As the child of a single mother Neeti is a confident young, free-spirited and ambitious girl, while Parineet is sweet, innocent and caring.

While they differ in their personalities, the two girls are a perfect match, which is which is why they call them “Parineeti”.

Life of the close friends transform forever after Rajeeev Bjwa is introduced to the scene.

Rajeev is an incredibly sweet, selfless and playful guy, wins those who love Parineetii The trio form the perfect love triangle.

As the story continues the story is told in a certain way. Rajeev is able to marry both of the girls.

For more information regarding the Parineeti serial listen to Colors TV or stream it online via Voot. Voot app.

Parineeti Serial Cast, Story, Actor, Actress, Real Name, Wiki

Parineeti Serial Cast Actress Story Wikipedia: Parineeti ( priinnitii) is a Hindi language television serial that is telecast by Colors TV. The show premieres 14 February 2022. the 14th of February, 2022 on Colors TV. Parineeti Television serial created by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, who are part of Balaji Telefilms’ production company. Balaji Telefilms. The principal actors for this show are Anchal Sahu Ankur Verma, and Tanvi Dogra. The time of the serial is Monday through Thursday starting at 10.00 pm..

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Hindi Serial Parineeti Release Date, Timing Information

The release date is 14 February 2022.. The release time is from Monday to Friday at 10pm.

Parineeti Serial Story, Plot Details

The storyline of the serial Parineeti is set in a tiny village known as Barnala situated in Punjab. Parineet Makar, and Neeti Juneja are friends that live as two separate bodies with one soul. Neeti is a reckless and passionate woman, whereas Parineet is gentle and kind. A young man , Rajeev Bjwa is a part of the group, and their lives alter forever. Rajeev wins the hearts of the two girls because he is an honest and selfless person. A triangular relationship is created in the middle. As the story unfolds, Rajeev has to marry both of them in inevitable situations.

Parineeti Serial Cast Real Names Age, Salary, Timing, Net Worth Story, and More
Parineetii , a Indian romantic drama television show created by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, under the umbrella of Balaji Telefilms. It features Anchal Sahu Tanvi Dogra as well as Ankur Verma. The show premiered on February 14, 2022. It aired on Colors TV and Voot.

Parineeti Review of the Series: Beginning Date Episode, Story, Cast Actual Names, Age birthdate, spouse, salary Net Worth The Salary Per Episode Pay Per Month and Timing Awards and More

The two best friends Parineet Kakkar as well as Neetii Juneja, who are referred to as Parineetii are the main characters of the show. Rajeev Bajwa is a happy kid who has fun while his mother search at girls for him. Rajeev gets married Parineet in a specific way, based on the circumstances surrounding Varun and Parineet’s relationship. Despite his hatred for Parineet and her family, he gets married to benefit her mother. Gurinder was determined to accumulate the biggest landholding within the community. Parineet lives in the Kakkar home while Rajeev moves to Chandigarh.

Parineeti’s First Episode Review Two BFFs, opposing personalities, a common lover and complicated fates
Colors TV’s new daily soap Parineeti is on the smaller screens this morning. The plot is set on North India, in a traditional Sikh family, is centered about two of the best-friends Parineet as well as Neeti.

Colors TV’s new daily soap Parineeti made its debut on tiny screens of today. The story is set on North India, in a traditional Sikh family, centers about two of the best-friends Parineet as well as Neeti.

Parineet is the simple, shy in the dramatic sense of the girl from ‘bholi Bhaali’ next door, while Neeti is an adventurous living life to her own terms. The very first episode establishes the characters well, as well as Parineet’s generosity is evident and completely selfless. Neeti however is a bubbly, chirpy girl who is able to accomplish things by utilizing her street-smart character.

Parineet’s family is shown as a conservative and traditional family that believes that girls shouldn’t be to wander around their property on their own, given the present savage society that surrounds them.

It’s a scene in which the main villain is spotted by the gorgeous and innocent Parineet and makes a vow to become intimate with her, and then marry her. He attempts to sexually assault her and cause her to feel uncomfortable by touching her inappropriately. Parineet is the typical woman struggling, instead of seeking assistance from her family or friends or even fighting the issue herself and continues to run away from him, only to come across him every opportunity.

The episode concludes by the villain spilling her drink. Are Parineet and Neeti have a destiny to become involved in the near future? Do Parineet be physically abused by the villain? Or will Neeti be able to save her in the final moments? This question is unanswered in the very first episode to ensure that the viewers remain captivated.

The characters are quite evidently different from the storyline in the beginning. We didn’t see anything that was particularly different from the plot. Two best friends one timid and the other confident and having their lives complicated, and how they view their friendship faces difficulties in their friendship, etc. is something we most of us have seen in Hindi TV and in Bollywood.

The cast comprises Tanvi Dogra Anchal Sahu and Ankur Verma who play the principal roles. The production is under the auspices of Balaji Telefilms, produced by Ekta Kapoor.

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