Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial (Sony TV) Cast, Roles, Start Date, Story, Telecast Time, Real Names

Crime Patrol 2.0: The new season promises exciting cases and an intriguing storyline

Crime Patrol new season begins on 7th March and has an intriguing concept.

The reality-based crime show Crime Patrol is among the most watched programs on television for quite a while. The show provides an inside look at the tough crimes solved through the quick thinking and speed that the cops take. The show is back with its new season . The promos for the show have been posted via social media. According to the latest promos, this year’s show will focus on more difficult and complex cases that were solved through the help of police.

Crime Patrol

In the promotional for the show, it’s shown that a special unit of police officers has been created for the purpose of investigating an incident. It also introduces a novel style of storytelling in the investigation. The show will present the most shocking cases resolved by the police in the country. The show’s caption was “Jugni Jaan and Mumbai Police ke beech ki iss jung mein, kiski hogi jeet? Janne ke liye dekhiye

It is actor Sandeep Shridhar Dhabale to essay the police inspector Rajeev Rakhore in the film ‘Crime Police 2.0’. In announcing what character he plays, Sandeep shared with ETimes, “My character Rajeev Rathore relies on his intuition to the fullest extent, and makes for a fascinating character. He is an individual with emotions; he trusts his intuition and acts according to his gut. The word that best describes the Police Inspector Rajeev Rakhore is that he is a risk-taker. I am enjoying playing the role and am looking for the reaction of the viewers to the new version”Crim Patrol” Crime Patrol”

Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial Sony TV Cast, Who Is The Cast of Crime Patrol 2.0 Hindi Serial?

Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial Hindi Cast Crime Patrol 2.0 is an Sony TV serial that was first aired on the 7th of March 2022. Since many people aren’t aware about Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial Hindi Cast, we present Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial Hindi Cast and characters. Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial Hindi Cast and characters along with full information.

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Serial Hindi Cast

Serials are a lot appreciated by viewers. There are many genres of serials too. There are thriller, comedy, crime and the list continues. Here, we’ve reviewed some of the more well-known Hindi serials which is currently being aired on Sony TV. You may have guessed right. It’s Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial. The cast, serials, and characters are popular on the internet. In the table below, you’ll be able details about the cast as well as their names for the characters from Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial in Hindi.

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Serial

The majority of serials focus on thrillers and crime, as well as feelings. Crime Patrol 2.0 is also a thriller and crime series. It is an Hindi serial which will be aired by Sony TV from 7th March 2022. Crime Patrol 2.0 Hindi Serial airs every Monday and Friday at 10 pm. Did you miss it on television? You can now catch every program on Sonyliv .

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Hindi Serial

Crime Patrol 2.0 is a Crime Patrol 2.0 serial language is broadcast in Hindi. The show airs from Monday through Friday exclusively and is telecast on Sony TV. Criminal Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Serial has been a favorite serials that people love. You can watch your most loved Sony TV serials on Television or other OTT platforms.

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Serial Karan Sharma

Karan Sharma, an established serial artist is the male lead of the show. He has also appeared as various characters in different serials. He’s character on the series is crucial in pushing the story to the next level.

Crime Patrol Cast, Sony TV Wikipedia and Timing serial episodes, actors and Photos

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Cast/Wiki/Wikipedia/Start Date/New Host/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips:

This season’s Crime Patrol named Crime Patrol 2.0 is the latest version of the popular the anthology show Crime Patrol. Anup Soni, rather than acting, will create the crime-drama.

Its release (starting) date for Crime Patrol 2.0 is 7th March 2022. The show is ready to enthral the viewers.

The popular Sony TV series Crime Patrol is revamped as it will feature more crime scenes that are dark and risky criminal angles in the second season of Crime Patrol.

This is the complete explanation for Crime Patrol 2.0 on sony TV and its cast and crew writing updates, upcoming twists, the latest news and spoilers, TRP ratings and more.

Crime Patrol Review:

Crime Patrol is a very engaging and fascinating crime drama which focuses on the crime instances of the real world and explores the serious criminal issues within our society.

The release of a new promotional, the show has generated excitement for the viewers. The show runs for a duration of between 30 and 40 minutes in total.

The show will also feature actor Karan Sharma who is famous for his stunts in TV shows such as “Chandrashekhar Azam” and “Savdhaan India’ as the principal detective.

Sharma together with Gireesh Sehdev Sandeep Shridhar Smita Sharan Sharma, along with Gireesh Sehdev, Sandeep Shridhar, Piya Tripathi, will be as the head of this branch. Madhya Pradesh branch.

While telling powerful crimes as well as revealing the most compelling crime stories, the show will offer a glimpse of the lives of detectives and their friendliness and the way these incidents leave an effect on them.

Crime Patrol 2.0 TRP Rating:

in 2021. Crime Patrol won the Milestone Achievement Award at the 20th Indian Television Academy Awards.

Show Crime Patrol Show Crime Patrol was one of the most popular and high TRP series of Sony and is expected to earn the highest TRP rating using this new format as well.

Crime Patrol 2.0 got 0.4 TRP ratings per episode within the very first month of broadcasting.

Let’s see if the latest Version of Crime Patrol brings TRP ratings for Sony TV who is lagging behind its competitors.

Crime Patrol 2.0 Sony TV Serial Hindi Cast

Serials have been greatly appreciated by viewers. There are a variety of genres that are available in serials too. There are comedy thriller, crime, and on and on. Here, we’ve talked about an extremely loved Hindi serials that are still playing on Sony TV. You could have guessed right. It’s Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial. The serials, cast and characters are popular on the internet. In the table below, you’ll get details the cast members and their names for the characters in the Crime Patrol 2.0 Serial in Hindi.

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